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HEALING ANOREXIA : Learning Acceptance by Embracing God's Love

Do you ever wonder how the media affects your emotional health? Are you a person who has made it your "job" to be perfect in EVERY way - including the size of your body? Would you like to experience freedom from the limiting thoughts that surround you? We are bombarded daily with images of people who have the "perfect" body, which inspires countless people to embark on a diet every day in order to lose weight to achieve that "perfect" body, without giving thought to the emotional side of dieting.

In this unique and inspiring book, author and Certified Integrative Health Coach Kandi Johnson shares her experience with anorexia. Starting with her tumultuous teen years, through the depths of despair, at its worst, and out through to the other side in a thinner body.Without having addressed the underlying issues that brought on the anorexia to being with:  the need to control the circumstances in her life, to be perfect, and to be loved and accepted.


 "Healing Anorexia is a remarkable book with a profound perspective. While many books focus chiefly on the throes of an eating disorder, Kandi’s offers something different, and that’s a shift in perspective. Are you viewing yourself through a dirtied lens, handed down to you by a society that’s driven by vanity and self-image, or are you viewing yourself through the lens of perfection, the lens through which God sees you and created you? As someone who has recovered from anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, I relate to not only what Kandi is sharing her personal struggles, but also to how she has found peace with herself through the lens of who God says she is, who we all are.

Regardless of how you define your eating habits, learning to embrace this perspective is critical to having a healthy relationship with food, with yourself, and with your body. The insights Kandi is sharing in this book apply themselves even further, beyond food, and into overall self-image: Who are you in the world? How do you see yourself? When you begin to change the way you think about yourself, you will find that the rest of your world changes as well. So no matter what you’re struggling with right now, take a gander at these pages and see what value they might have to add to your life. You might be surprised at what it sparks in you!"

~ Shannon Lagasse ~ Bestselling author of Why Can’t You Just Eat?: A Look Inside the Mind of Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder


"Healing Anorexia Learning Acceptance by Embracing God’s Love” Authored by Kandi Johnson is a must read for anyone who struggles with this debilitating disorder. As she shares her own personal journey to freedom, each chapter reaches out to the reader in a very relatable and inspiring way. She uses powerful scriptures to describe how through her faith in God she found strength and healing. This book should be read by all who struggle with eating disorders. Well done!"

~Sharon Fowler ~ Holistic H, Health and Wellness Coach Fortified Wellness, LLC